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Why Do So Many Doctors Support HGH? 2

There are literally thousands of studies showing that HGH supplementation is beneficial in a variety of age-related conditions and even certain diseases. It is used in patients with AIDS to boost their immune system. It is given to patients with congestive heart failure to improve the pumping action of the heart muscle.

Study after study shows that HGH is remarkably safe, yet amazingly effective in improving the overall health, quality of life, loss of fat, improved circulation, better immune function and many other wonderful changes in the body.

After six months of HGH supplementation, HGH-deficient adults involved in a study in Sweden lost 20% of their body fat. Most of this fat loss occurred in the abdominal area. Large amounts of abdominal fat are strongly correlated with increased incidence of heart attack, hypertension and diabetes.

L. Cass Terry, M.D., Ph.D. found that HGH is well tolerated and has shown no adverse side effects. Out of 202 patients surveyed, over 75% reported body-fat loss, muscle-mass gain, greater strength, increased exercise tolerance and energy levels and an improved quality of life. A large majority also reported better skin texture and greater skin thickness and elasticity.

Dr. Julian Whitaker of California prescribes HGH to his elderly patients and he also takes it himself. He states, “I have not seen anything that even comes close to the restorative power of HGH supplementation”. According to Dr.Whitaker, HGH is most effective in combating the effects of chronic diseases that involve muscle wasting: stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and even AIDS.

David Clemmons, chief of Endocrinology at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine in Chapel Hill, believes that HGH is a promising treatment for emphysema and other chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases.

A study reported in a 1996 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine stated that patients treated with HGH who had moderate-to-severe heart failure experienced increased thickness of the left ventricular wall, enhanced ability of the heart to contract and pump out blood, improved exercise capacity and a general improvement in their overall quality of life.

In study after study, HGH receives overwhelming approval from numerous doctors and patients around the world. The most recent findings attribute the following benefits to HGH’s repertoire:

1. An 8.8% average increase in muscle mass after only 6 months – WITHOUT exercise!
2. 14.4% average fat loss after only 6 months – WITHOUT dieting!
3. Younger, more elastic, thicker skin
4. Regrowth and thickening of hair
5. Disappearance of wrinkles
6. Increase in energy level
7. Enhanced sexual performance
8. Regrowth of the heart, liver, spleen, kidneys and other organs that naturally shrink with age
9. Greater cardiac output
10. Superior immune function
11. Increased ability to perform exercises
12. Better function of the kidneys
13. Lowered blood pressure
14. Improved cholesterol profile – higher HDL (good) and lower LDL (bad) levels
15. Stronger bones
16. Faster healing of wounds
17. Elimination of cellulite
18. Sharper vision
19. Mood elevation and stability
20. Improved sleep patterns and quality
21. Increased memory retention

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