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Allergy – How to Cope with It

An allergy is when the body reacts badly to a substance called an allergen. The body responds by discharging histamine and this can cause inflammation. This is why we often take medicines or use creams which contain an anti-histamine ingredient. Allergies provoke symptoms such as rashes or itchy skin or swelling. They can also cause coughing and difficulties breathing.

Allergies are very common – a person might only suffer for a short period, or they may be affected day in day out. Only in spring and summer is hayfever a problem for instance. And even within this some people are only affected by the allergens of trees – these are only around in spring – and others are only affected by grass pollen – these are summer problems.

Pets, detergents, medical products, foods… all these are potential allergens. In various people they might cause different conditions – asthma and eczema along with dermatitis are all triggered by allergens.

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