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Colon Cleansing

Colon cleansing is a method of cleaning the large intestine (or colon) with the help of various procedures such as colon irrigation, enema, herbal digestive pills that can be consumed orally etc. If you are wondering as to why so many procedures for colon cleansing, here is the reason: Colon cleansing is opted by people of various ages and physiologies. And depending on their physiology, each one responds to colon cleansing procedures differently.

And then, there is the constipation level, hardness of stool etc that are to be considered before choosing a colon cleansing method. However, what one needs to keep in mind before this is consulting a physician is critical as a physician alone can accurately determine what additive needs to be added to cleansing water, if at all it is needed.

Speculative Colon Cleansing

What is speculative colon cleansing? So many literature and internet brochures have made colon cleansing appear like an inevitable escape for most health problems, real and assumed. The unjustified statistics from unknown surveys quote high figures of population as suffering from digestive disorders and constipation; sometimes running to the tune of 200 million adults. Sometimes they quote fictitious statements like impacted stools inside and adult American’s bowel can be from 5-20 pounds.

The projected easy way out of this problem is colon cleansing, which, in fact, is a true medical procedure adopted not for constipation but in preparation to rectal examination or surgery.

Different Types of Colon Cleansers

Different types of colon cleansers are listed herewith but since each has its own characteristic effect in individuals, they need to be administered under medical supervision or in the presence of a health-care provider. Oral drugs generally need prescription.
* Rectal
* Medicinal
* Enema
* Oral
* Herbal
* Allopathic

Rectal medicinal colon cleanser is a big group under which we have carbon dioxide releasing, lubricants using mineral oils, hyper-osmotics which use saline and glycerin, stool softeners and lastly there are stimulants. Enema and other recent colonics don’t differ much from each other, if you forget the quantity of filter water which is admitted into colon. Enema uses about 2 liters of water and fills about 1’ of colon flowing in through rectum from a height of 2-3’. Whereas colon irrigation continues for 45-60 minutes filling 2-3 gallons of water, sometimes with herbal additives or plain salt. It fills the entire large intestine. While ‘water load’ emulsifies hard stool easing out its excretion, it potentially washes out essential minerals too. The advantage of rectal admission is quicker stimulation of bowel movement

Oral colon cleansing involves consumption of medicines like Bisacodyl. Both herbal and allopathic medicines can act adversely at different physical conditions like appendicitis, pregnancy, old age, over exercising, intestinal blockage and rectal bleeding. Never decide on a colon cleanser until you consulted your physician.

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